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Biggest, busiest McDonald’s ready for Olympics

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Biggest, busiest McDonald’s ready for Olympics


The fast food chain McDonald’s will open its largest restaurant in the Olympics village in East London in 2012.

The two-storey building will have enough seating for 1,500 customers. It will serve more than 1.75 million meals during the 29 days of the Olympics and Paralympics games.

“To be involved in the greatest sporting event on earth is hugely exciting,” according to the company’s CEO. “We want everyone who visits our Olympic Park restaurants to have the best possible customer experience.”

There will be four McDonald’s restaurants in total in the Olympic Park in Stratford. The junk food giant may face criticism over having such prominence place at the Olympic games, as it’s food does not mix well with the idea of being an elite athlete.

However, the company has highlighted its green credentials by saying it will use the furniture and the kitchen equipment after the games in other restaurants across the UK.

The main restaurant will have wooden exteriors and brightly coloured chairs and stools.

By Ali Sheikholeslami
London Correspondent

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