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Are Belgian parties on verge of forming government?

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Are Belgian parties on verge of forming government?


French-speaking Socialist Elio Di Rupo told King Albert II of Belgium late on Thursday that eight parties are in talks to form a new government.

The politician charged with ending a 400-day long political crisis said a deal is closer than ever.

Ahead of yesterday’s national day celebrations in Belgium, King Albert warned that the deadlock was threatening to affect the speed of European integration.

Belgium now has the dubious title of country that has gone the longest without a government, even surpassing Iraq.

Last year, early elections were triggered after a dispute between French and Dutch speaking parties regarding election boundaries around the capital Brussels.

Flemish national gains in the Dutch-speaking north were matched by a large victory for the socialists in French-speaking southern Belgium.

If successful, the new talks will give the coalition the minimum number of members needed to form a government.

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