Syrian troops 'kill mourners' in Homs

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Syrian troops 'kill mourners' in Homs

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Residents in the Syrian city of Homs say security forces opened fire on mourners yesterday at a funeral for previous victims of the authorities’ crackdown, killing 10. A total of 16 reportedly died across the city.

It is hard to verify accounts but amateur video posted on the internet appears to show panic as gunfire rings out.

Another film apparently shows disturbances in the Damascus district of Qaboun, at one of several large anti-government protests said to have taken place in the country overnight.

The Syrian Human Rights League claims two opposition activists were arrested during the night.

Speaking from exile in Turkey, the message from one group was that there would be no sectarian war if President Bashar al-Assad stepped down.

However opposition figure Emadeddin Al-Rachid told a news conference in Istanbul that they only wanted political support, not military intervention: “if that happens, as Syrian opposition we will wear military outposts and fight with the Syrian army against them,” he said.

Meanwhile the regime, which blames “armed criminal gangs” backed by foreigners for the violence, is working hard to rally its supporters.

Sunday’s demonstration in Damascus was one of the largest yet.