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Phone-hacking bugs Londoners

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Phone-hacking bugs Londoners


As the phone-hacking scandal involving News Corporation, the police and politicians continues to unravel people on the streets of London have been voicing their anger to euronews.

“The same thing should happen to him, but I can’t see it happening because obviously he’s the prime minister, he’s going to get away with it, but for everyone else, they are going to have to face the consequences,” said one man.

“It’s horrible, for someone to go through personal things, you know, it’s no one else’s business. I think they just need to stop it ever happening again,” complained a woman, while another said she wants changes in the way the media, police and politicians operate:

“Well, I think they need to practise what they preach. I think they need to look very, very hard and get the basic principles in place and clear up their act completely.”

As the scandal rumbles on it seems likely there will be more revelations to come in a story that just won’t go away.

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