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Brothers in art: the Chapmans' latest exhibition

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Brothers in art: the Chapmans' latest exhibition

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The White Cube gallery in London’s Mayfair is exhibiting the latest work by Britain’s sibling artists the Chapman brothers.
Always provocative, part of the work features a pigeon defecating on statues of Nazi soldiers wearing a smiley instead of a swastika.
Another sculpture shows a statue of a soldier sodomising another while a third looks on.
But for those who see the brothers as inseparable, this is no collaborative effort. The two have been working apart for the past year, albeit towards the same exhibition, and this is the first time they have seen each others’ results.
Jake Chapman said: “The whole point was not about the show. It was about producing the work.”
Dino added: “But also actually in the final instance, the idea of it being Jake or Dino Chapman was of no consequence, because it was so resolutely like the work we make anyway.”
Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in London in 1990, the brothers have continually pushed the boundaries of contemporary art.
Their sculptures, installations, drawings and paintings represent the world seen through their eyes, examining religion, politics and morality with their own brand of wit and irony.
Their work has been acclaimed internationally and they continue to appropriate for their art whatever interests them, never shying away from what others might find offensive or vulgar.
Their work has been described as both repulsive and attractive at the same time.
The exhibition runs until the middle of September.

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