UK police hunt suspected hospital killer

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UK police hunt suspected hospital killer

UK police hunt suspected hospital killer
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British police are hunting the killer of three people who died in suspicious circumstances at a hospital in Stockport, northwest England.

The deaths are being linked to batches of saline solution poisoned with fatal doses of insulin.

The revelations have appalled local residents of the town just 11 kilometres outside Manchester.

“It’s unbelievable how people can even near the drugs. I would have thought they would have been locked away,” said one man.

A hospital nurse found a number patients had abnormally low blood sugar levels before the insulin was discovered in 36 saline doses.

Gary Arden’s sister Tracy was one of those who died. She was 44.

“I’ve never going to blame the NHS as an institution for what may or may not be the actions of a random person with their own agenda or thoughts,” said Arden.

“We’ve not put our minds on to that as a family.”

Tracy Arden died on July 7th, while two elderly male patients died last week.

The alarm was raised on Tuesday. Police believe the saline doses were deliberately contaminated.