Meeting to create credible Syrian opposition

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Meeting to create credible Syrian opposition

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Exiled Syrian’s wrapped up a meeting in Turkey on Saturday aimed at building a united and credible opposition to President Bashar al Assad’s rule.

The delegates at the Istanbul conference stopped short of agreeing to form a shadow government.

A similar meeting, due to be held in the Syrian capital Damascus, was cancelled because of security concerns.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was in Turkey for talks, said Friday’s crackdown on pro-democracy protests, which had been the largest yet, was “troubling”.

On Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets once again for the funerals of the 32 civilians killed by government troops during the marches.

The pro-democracy movement has been gathering strength particularly in Damascus, where tens of thousands of protesters marched through the city.

On Saturday Syrian forces killed one civilian and wounded five others in an eastern border town with Iraq.