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Spanish scepticism over ETA peace claim

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Spanish scepticism over ETA peace claim


The Basque separatist group ETA has issued a statement declaring it is prepared to “to go further on the path towards peace” after calling a ceasefire in January.

The message was given to a newspaper which published it on its website, but there was no mention of whether ETA meant to lay down its arms.

They did however claim the success of the new pro-independence Basque coalition, Bildu, in regional elections as a victory.

Bildu for its part has won a court battle to prove it is not a mouth piece for the armed separatists.

ETA has been blamed for 829 deaths in the fight for independence, the last in Spain being that of a policemen in 2010.

Spain’s government has dismissed the statement as being nothing new and awaits news that ETA intends to disarm.

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