Thieves steal blueprints of Germany's new spy HQ

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Thieves steal blueprints of Germany's new spy HQ

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Germany’s secret service has just got a lot less secret.

Blueprints for the new headquarters of the country’s foreign intelligence service were stolen earlier this year, media reports said on Tuesday.

FOCUS magazine reported the plans for the 1.6-billion-euro Berlin building detailed alarm systems, anti-terror installations and emergency exits.

The disappearance of the documents had gone unnoticed until very recently.

Analysts say it’s a major embarrassment for the federal spy agency, known by its German acronym BND.

Volkmar Seidel, an expert on corporate security, said: “It’s possible that this information could fall into the hands of criminals or terrorists and in this case there is a real danger that criminals could break in and commit crimes.”

But officials are downplaying the theft, saying the blueprints were labelled confidential but were not top secret.

Germany decided after its reunification to move the spy agency’s base from outside Munich to Berlin.

Construction work began in 2006 and is set to be completed within three years.