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  • Hackers say will ensure security of Sony data unless ‘you make additional trouble’ – CNN, quoting message (Reuters)
  • Hackers send new message to Sony praising company for canceling movie ‘The Interview’ (CNN, Reuters)
  • US investigation finds that North Korea was responsible for Sony hack, with a possible Chinese link (Reuters)
  • Turkish government official says prosecutor asked court to issue arrest warrant for cleric Gulen, no court decision yet – Reuters




  • Italy next euro zone victim?

    The euro zone’s debt crisis has taken a dangerous turn with worries that it could spread to Italy… 12/07/11 20:16 CET

  • Italy sell T-bills but yields soar

    Italy’s short-term cost of borrowing jumped in its latest auction of government bonds as lenders… 12/07/11 15:38 CET

  • UK inflation slows in June

    Inflation unexpectedly dipped in June in the UK. Consumer prices fell 0.1 percent last month. The… 12/07/11 15:38 CET



  • Moussa’s vision for Egypt

    The former Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, has given an exclusive interview to… 12/07/11 16:32 CET

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