Murdoch flies to London to close tabloid

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Murdoch flies to London to close tabloid

Murdoch flies to London to close tabloid
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Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is flying to London on Sunday to safeguard his multi-billion euro British business empire.

His arrival coincides with the final edition of the News of the World, the tabloid at the centre of a phone hacking scandal.

The Australian tycoon has sacrificed the UK’s best selling paper to try to protect his buyout of satellite broadcaster BskyB.

Andy Coulson, ex-Editor and former spokesman to Prime Minister David Cameron has been released on bail after being arrested in connection with the scandal.

Meanwhile Shadow Culture Secretary Ivan Lewis from the opposition Labour party has written to the British leader demanding he speed up the start of a public inquiry into the allegations.

“There is such a level of public concern at this issue, as well as real concerns about preserving the relevant documentation (relating to the inquiry) which will enable people to get to the bottom of this,” he said.

“The appointment of the judge today is absolutely crucial.”

Rupert Murdoch’s 15.7 billion euro buy-out of the UK’s main pay TV network has been put on hold.

The 80-year-old will have to wait six months to find out if lawmakers demand stronger media ownership rules.

Sunday is the final day of Britain’s oldest newspaper, which printed its first edition in 1843.

Ironically, despite popular Facebook campaigns calling for a boycott of the paper, editors say they are planning to double tomorrow’s print run.