Israel's no fly ban for European activists

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Israel's no fly ban for European activists

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Dozens of pro-Palestinian activists have been refused permission to board a flight from Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport bound for Israel where they were due to stage a protest.

The group were prevented from leaving for Tel Aviv following a request from authorities there.

In an unprecedented move, European airlines have been given the details of 300 blacklisted passengers who will be refused entry to Israel.

Dozens more protestors headed for the same fly-in demonstration were also prevented from leaving Brussels.

Nadine, from the Welcome to Palestine Mission was disappointed at the airlines refusal. “Israelis themselves are demonstrating in Tel Aviv to demand that we be allowed to enter the country. We have reached our goal, which was to show that the whole of Palestine is under blockade, not just Gaza,” she said.

At Tel Aviv airport, two Americans who were planning on joining the protest have already been deported.

Authorities have opened a military command post inside the terminal in preparation for the arrival of other pro-Palestinian activists.

Airlines say they have to comply with the Israeli request as they are responsible for repatriating anyone deported to their country of origin.

They may also be subject to fines under international aviation rules.