Huge crowds for final Potter premiere

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Huge crowds for final Potter premiere

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Thousands of fans packed London’s Trafalgar Square to say goodbye to the boy wizard, at the world premiere of the final Harry Potter movie.

Only the privileged few got to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2” – the eighth in the record-breaking series, and described as the best.

“It’s got lots of action in it and it’s got lots of moments that make you connect with the film, and it’s just a great ending to all of them,” said Potter fan Freddie, after the premiere.

“I’ve read the books. And I really liked the way they kept really close to the storyline of the books,” said another fan, Katleen.

For a generation of Potter fans, the films have enhanced the magical world created by author JK Rowling.

The young actors too, who can barely remember life before the Potter saga, will have some adapting to do.

“We will all go on and get better, I’m sure, but I actually can’t believe Part 1 and Part 2 were made at the same time because, personally speaking, it’s like I’m a different actor in it,” said Daniel Radcliffe, who had flown in from New York for the event. “It’s the only time I’ve watched a Harry Potter film and gone: ‘Yes, I’m pleased with my performance’.”

The first seven movies grossed 4.46 billion euros at the global box office and the concluding film, which is available in 3D, has been widely tipped to be the biggest picture of 2011.