Egypt: Tahrir Square demos for post-Mubarak changes

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Egypt: Tahrir Square demos for post-Mubarak changes

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Thousands of Egyptians have been demonstrating across the country in an echo of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak in February this year.

The biggest rally was at Tahrir Square in Cairo.

This time protesters are angry that officials from the old regime are not being pursued vigorously enough on charges of corruption and murder.

Metwally Mohamed Metwally from the Muslim Brotherhood said “the people were shocked at a verdict clearing six former ministers of corruption, and releasing six officers suspected of killing revolutionaries.”

Another protester said “Mubarak is in a five star hotel. So put him here in our place and we will go there. I’ll tell you what we want to do, we’ll do an exchange. Put us in the prison he’s in now, and he can come live in our village, which has no water, where there is rubbish in the streets.”

The man appointed as Mubarak’s deputy in the dying days of the regime has ruled himself out of the presidential election later this year.

Omar Suleiman’s appointment was a failed attempt to calm the uprising.

He says he wants to spend more time with his family.