Australian gored at Pamplona bull run

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Australian gored at Pamplona bull run

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An Australian man has been gored in the leg during the final stage of the daily running of the bulls in Pamplona, northern Spain.

Thousands of runners, most dressed in white with red handkerchiefs, surrounded the charging bulls as they thundered through the winding streets of the town.

The injured man met his fate when the bulls entered the ring.

A half-tonne beast pierced the tourist’s right thigh with its horn and tossed him across the stadium.

Witnesses say the man, who’s injuries are said to be serious but not life threatening, had been taunting the bull from close up.

The bull-runs at Pamploma began 400 years ago and have seen 15 deaths and thousands of injuries since records began in 1924.

So far seven other injuries have been reported during this year’s run, which got underway on Thursday.