Libya conflict dominates Russia-NATO talks

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Libya conflict dominates Russia-NATO talks

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Russian President Dimitry Medvedev has met with NATO representatives in Sochi on the Black Sea to discuss the on-going conflict in Libya.

NATO Secretary-General Anders Rasmussen admitted Russia had expressed concerns over the alliance’s mission. Rasmussen defended the operation and said the campaign was being undertaken in “strict conformity” with the UN Security Council resolution authorising it.

The rebels, too, have been negotiating according to a statement issued by a spokesman for Gaddafi’s government, who claimed foreign-mediated talks had taken place in Italy, Egypt and Norway to try and find a peace deal. It is unclear if they went ahead with or without the endorsement of the rebel National Transitional Council. An Italian government official denied there was a meeting in Rome.

Despite three months of NATO bombing, an end to the fighting still appears some way off. At the talks in Sochi, NATO officials said they will study the Africa Union’s peace plan.