Jean-Michel Jarre rocks Monaco for newlyweds

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Jean-Michel Jarre rocks Monaco for newlyweds

Jean-Michel Jarre rocks Monaco for newlyweds
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It was an event that fittingly illustrated Monaco’s glamorous image.

Their wedding vows over, Prince Albert and his bride Charlene were able to relax, as the principality rocked to Jean-Michel Jarre.

The spectacular concert took place on the first evening of three days of celebrations.

Beforehand, there was time for a breather as the newly married couple gave a quick interview to euronews’ Isabel Kumar.

Prince Albert spoke of his “incredible reaction and emotional feelings”.

His bride Charlene said:

“I can’t describe how I feel right now. I think all the love and support from the people of Monaco has just been so tremendous and I’m overwhelmed by that, it’s (an) amazing feeling.”

Our correspondent described it as an “electrifying concert”. The entire city was transformed into a natural amphitheatre, with the port as the stage.

On stage, Prince Albert spoke to the thousands gathered around the port, and millions of TV viewers watching live on euronews.

“Thank you very much to all our friends from around the world, from different countries, different continents, who are watching us right now thanks to euronews and to the internet,” he said.

After the performance, Jean-Michel Jarre said he thought the concert achieved its aim, and had provided something to help people dream in what are otherwise gloomy economic times.

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