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Russia attacks French arms drop to Libyan rebels

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Russia attacks French arms drop to Libyan rebels


Russia has accused France of a “crude violation” of a UN arms embargo imposed on Libya after it emerged that the French military air-dropped weapons to Libyan rebels in the Western Mountains.

Washington backed the French move saying it was legal.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov demanded an explanation from Paris:

“We asked our French colleagues about the truth behind the weapons delivery to Libyan rebels. If true it would be a crude violation of the Resolution 1970 of the UN Security Council which, by the way, was adopted by consensus.”

France confirmed the drop saying the arms were delivered in early June, when Gaddafi’s troops had encircled civilians and blocked humanitarian aid.

France rejected Kremlin accusations that they had overstepped the mark, saying the weapons were needed to protect civilians from imminent attack.

More than 90 days into the bombing campaign, Gaddafi is still in power with no breakthrough on the horizon.

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