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Monaco under the spotlight on the world stage


Monaco under the spotlight on the world stage

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Bathed in sunshine and girded by the azur Mediterranean, with a world-renowned casino and some of the best most expensive property in the world, it is no surprise that Monaco draws in a certain type of clientele.

And with the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock, there is even more glitz and glamour than usual.

“They have a lot of friends in the world of showbiz and music and sport so you will have the likes of Gerard Butler from Hollywood, Naomi Campbell the model, designers like Armani of course and Roberto Cavalli and Karl Lagerfeld who is an old family friend” said Juliet Herd from Hello magazine in the UK.

Many of the guests will be housed in Monte Carlo’s Hotel de Paris and Hermitage. But this ostentatious show of wealth could also attract undesirables and the guest list was kept secret until the last possible moment.

And there is some further comfort for the rich and famous. Monaco is deemed one of the

safest places in the world and, given its tiny size, it has one of the largest police forces per capita.

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