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If you're gonna fake it, at least fake it well

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If you're gonna fake it, at least fake it well


The above photo was not created by a pre-school child, nor by an untrained monkey. It is the work of local government officials in China keen to prove they are taking the improvement of infrastructure and the state of roads seriously. In comedy terms, it is gold; in propaganda terms, it is pathetic. The photo caption reads “County mayor Li Ningyi and vice-mayor Tang Xiaobing inspect the newly constructed country road at Lihong Town”. It could have read “County mayor and vice-mayor say floating will protect road surfaces.”

Not unsurprisingly, internet users in Huili County in south-western China were quick to see through a Photoshop fail of such epic proportions, and the local government website crashed as a result of the response it provoked. The official explanation was that a photographer accompanying the county leaders took several photos but decided none of them were good enough to put on the Huili government website. So he merged two of them together. Spectacularly badly. We understand he has been reprimanded.

Huili County officials have apologised, but not quickly enough to stop some internet users – who appear to have actually used Photoshop before – from having some fun at their expense.

But the unfortunate Photoshopper may take some heart from these examples of propaganda of a more commercial nature.

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