Össur Skarphedinsson, Iceland's Foreign Minister

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Össur Skarphedinsson, Iceland's Foreign Minister

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On Monday, just as Iceland’s EU accession talks began, we had the chance to interview Össur Skarpherdinsson, the country’s foreign minister, about the most sensitive issues for these fast-paced negotiations

He’s a friendly, frank speaking politician, someone with many interesting stories to tell over, perhaps fittingly, a plate of fish.

He’s also a marine biologist and a fisherman himself which completes an interesting CV for someone who will lead the EU accession talks (in which fisheries will make the difference, as he explains.)

Actually when he discovered that I am from Spain joked that maybe I was the enemy! He knows that Europe’s fishing superpowers will be decisive in deciding Iceland’s EU future.

Here is the complete interview with Össur Skarphedinsson.