Syrian opposition set for Damascus talks

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Syrian opposition set for Damascus talks

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Syrian opposition figures were set to meet on Monday to seek a way out of the three-month political crisis as refugees continue to flee the country.

Critics of President Bashar al-Assad planned to convene in a Damascus hotel after another deadly weekend for pro-democracy protesters.

Some 200 writers and intellectuals intend to debate strategies for a peaceful transition to democracy.

Meanwhile, activists said government troops pushed towards the town of Quseir on Sunday, forcing “hundreds of people” into Lebanon.

Refugees are also crossing into Turkey to escape the violence.

Ankara said there are just over 11,000 people taking refuge in tent cities in the southern province of Hatay.

On Saturday, the Syrian Red Crescent called on refugees to come home, insisting that they would not face retribution or interrogation.

The organisation said it was still awaiting Turkey’s permission to visit the refugee camps to talk to Syrians who may want to return.