Syrian refugees smuggle out videos showing brutal violence

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Syrian refugees smuggle out videos showing brutal violence

Syrian refugees smuggle out videos showing brutal violence
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Euronews has acquired a number of amateur videos shot by Syrian refugees who have escaped into Turkey over the last two days.

The events they portray tally with the accounts of others who have fled the country, and who have been giving graphic accounts of the security crackdown.

Some of the pictures are disturbing.

One scene is said to have taken place during a protest in Latakia. Several demonstrators are seen tending to a badly injured elderly man, who has apparently been shot in the chest.

There are shouts of “they’re still firing” as he is taken through a pre-death ritual.

Euronews was not given details of the man’s identity and cannot verify whether he died or survived his wounds.

But such scenes are in total contrast to the account on official Syrian TV. One woman described how well she and her family had been treated since returning from Turkey.

The report said refugees who fled Jisr al-Shughour after security forces were allegedly ‘massacred’ had returned because the town had been made safe.

Euronews correspondent Mustafa Bağ is on the Turkish-Syrian border, where many Syrians have continued to demonstrate against the Assad regime.

He said:

“Recently, President Bashar al Assad called on his people who sought refuge in Turkey to return. But the call was immediately rejected by the Syrians in Turkish camps. They said if they went back they would be killed. Videos filmed by the refugees who crossed the border illustrate the ongoing tragedy in the country.”