NATO 'murderers' says Libya's Gaddafi

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NATO 'murderers' says Libya's Gaddafi

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Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has accused NATO countries of murder in a speech aired by state media, speaking after the alliance acknowledged for the first time that its bombs may have killed civilians. This was in reference to a strike on Sunday in which a house in Tripoli was destroyed.

The deaths have prompted some in the alliance itself to question its mission, but France and Britain rejected an Italian call to stop military action.

An unverified Libyan TV report also said “dozens” of people were killed in a separate NATO attack on the town of Zlitan.

As funerals were held, the Western-led alliance leadership said this was no time to ease pressure on Tripoli.

Apart from the bombings, the coalition is squeezing the Libyan economy, through international sanctions.

In his tirade Gaddafi warned: “One day we will respond to you likewise and your homes will be legitimate targets.”

Referring to NATO he said: “You said, ‘We hit our targets with precision’, you murderers!”