NATO and Libya - both accused of risking civilian lives

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NATO and Libya - both accused of risking civilian lives

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NATO says it has video that proves Colonel Gadaffi’s forces are launching weapons from mosques.

The organisation says the images were taken from a surveillance platform over the western city of Zlitan on June the tenth. It claims the tactic is putting civilian lives at risk.

In contrast, the Libyan government has accused NATO of deliberately targeting civilian buildings in its bombing campaign, including a hotel and a university.

“Here and now we hold the Secretary General of the United Nations responsible for this and we demand an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council”, said the Libyan Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi.

Away from the claims and counter-claims fighting continues.

Friday saw intensive exchanges of gunfire and artillery around the town of Dafniya, about 30km west of Misrata.

Artillery also reportedly rained down on rebel lines as they continued to try to advance out of Misrata.

They have been penned in there for a month. It is one of a handful of places they have managed to hold onto in western Libya.