Comic strip heroes Putin and Medvedev out to save the world

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Comic strip heroes Putin and Medvedev out to save the world

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A tale of daring, of raw courage and bravery where time is slipping away if the hero is to save the world is causing a sensation in Russia.

Almost five million people have been gripped by the unfolding story, an internet comic strip called, ‘Superputin, A Man Like Any Other.’

The creator, Sergei Kalenik explained the reasons behind launching his comic strip.

“There’s a big problem in Russian society. Everyone relates either very positively to Putin, he does everything just wonderfully, or he does everything horribly. Clearly its a mixture of both. It seems to me that laughter can takes away this straight – lined position,” he said.

In the story Superputin is not alone, his iPad wielding sidekick is President Dmitry Medvedev. Eight months ahead of the Presidential election is the comic just a laugh or a PR stunt?

Political analyst Nikolai Petrov believes there is more to it than internet fun.

“Of course I think it is some kind of ideological order. Its probably an attempt by the Kremlin to gather an electoral group among the youth to whom Putin has been appealing recently,” he opined.

The reality of how the two will approach the Presidential election in March is still not clear. Incumbent Medvedev gave his clearest signal yet of his intention to stand again in a speech on Friday to an economic forum.

Analysts believe he would not stand against Putin who has yet to declare his hand. Like the internet comic book story the intrigue continues.