The chat that landed a juror in jail

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The chat that landed a juror in jail

The chat that landed a juror in jail
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The following are extracts from the Facebook chat between juror Joanna Fraill and defendant Jamie Sewart:

Fraill: “jamie nice one hun hope u both sort things out u should have seen his face”

Sewart: “i came runnin in i was listenin at the doors ha ha”

Sewart: “whats happenin with the other charge??”

Fraill: “cant get anywaone to go either no one budging pleeeeeese dont say anyhting cause jamie they could call mmiss trial and i will get 4cked to0”

Sewart: “i know i have deleted all the messages i wudnt do that to u dont worry xx”

Fraill: “don’t worry about that chge no way it can stay hung for me lol th this is the 2nd time init at least then yer all home and dry”

Sewart: “ha ha ur mad i really appreciate everythin if i cud have kissed u all i would of done ha ha did u here me say i feel like getting naked haha2”

Fraill: “jamie am gonna get off this lot doing me head in x it will be over tomoz fingers crossed, im not as daft as am cabbage looking hahaha alll that note taking was just killing time lolol drew more than i wrote lol when we gsve that first on gail i was crying cos they held onto yours because 1 couldnt make her mind up it f****** wound me up like u wouldnt believe hahahahha ah will nearly f****** there lol get all your property back too lol”

Sewart: “ha ha i will be doin ha ha and trying for compo”

Sewart: “keep in touch and i’ll get u a nice pressie if i get anything anything out of um x will find out on thursday thats when he gets sentenced”

Fraill: “dont be daft been a pleasure xxx lol”

Sewart: “spk to u soon x”

Fraill: “oh u willl lol”