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Heiress buys America's most expensive house

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Heiress buys America's most expensive house


For those who have always wanted an entire wing of your house solely for storing your clothes, or a room dedicated to present-wrapping, it’s time to be jealous of one heiress’ jaw-dropping move up the property ladder.
Petra Ecclestone, a 22-year-old British fashion designer and daughter of Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone, has put a bid on a house bigger than Versailles. The 5,300 square metre mansion in the Hollywood hills was sold by Candy Spelling, the widow of television producer Aaron Spelling, to the heiress for a whopping $150 million (106 million euros). Built in the style of the French chateau, the sprawling mansion contains everything one could ever want from a home, and much, much more. A barbershop, a flower-cutting room, an indoor cinema, a skating rink, a bowling alley… all on top of the 123 rooms the house has to offer. Candy Spelling once described it as the “greatest entertainment house ever” with a “kitchen where you can cook for two or 800.” In addition to this, let’s take a stroll outside: a carpark with a capacity of 100 cars, tennis courts, a citrus orchard… more likely than not, boredom will never be an issue in this property.
This purchase would be Petra Ecclestone’s second home, her first being a 64-million-euro home in Chelsea, England, which is currently being renovated. She will now be able to split her time more easily between the UK and California, where she reportedly plans to settle in order to pursue modelling and acting, on top of her career as a designer.

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