Greece braced for anti-austerity protest

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Greece braced for anti-austerity protest

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Greece is braced for another day of protest as a 24-hour national strike gets underway.

Unions will join non-union protesters and form a cordon round the government building.

The strike comes as the Greek parliament prepares to push through a new austerity package worth 28 billion euros by 2015.

The demonstrators want to stop the debate and force the government to drop the plan.

Prime Minister George Papandreou is finding it difficult to garner support for the five-year-plan.

International lenders say it must be passed if they are to approve a second aid deal to be handed over in early July, enabling the cash strapped country to avoid default.

Trains look set to remain in the stations, ports will shut and hospitals will offer limited cover, but flights will be unaffected.