Japanese public rejects nuclear power

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Japanese public rejects nuclear power

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Almost three-quarters of Japanese people who voted in a poll would like to see nuclear power phased out of Japan.

The country is still struggling with the Fukushima disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami three months ago – the world’s worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl 25 years ago.

A Japanese government spokesman admitted voters could have been influenced by the rejection of atomic power in Italy’s referendum on Monday.

“The situation of foreign nations could cause a certain level of influence not just over nuclear issue but also over various domestic policies.”

Japan’s cabinet has approved draft legislation to help the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) to compensate victims of the radiation crisis around the Fukushima plant.

The slow speed of the recovery and clear-up process has frustrated victims and investors and it still remains uncertain when the scheme will be brought into law.

In a statement on Tuesday Tepco said that it hoped the bill would be approved by parliament as soon as possible and that it will pay fair and speedy compensation payments.