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Serb nationalist anger over NATO conference

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Serb nationalist anger over NATO conference


Serbian nationalists are holding demonstrations in protest over Belgrade’s hosting of a NATO conference this week.

A banner denouncing the Western military alliance was hung from a prominent bridge and a NATO flag was burned.

Among those gathered was the deputy leader of the anti-Western Serbian Radical Party, Dragan Todorovic.

One woman protester said: “NATO is evil. It wants us to become their puppets, to listen to everything they say. They kill and cripple people. They spread death.”

A man said: “I’m surprised the ecology minister Dulic is not here today, because we all know that the worst polluter on this planet is the NATO Alliance. We’re so polluted that Dulic should address us today.”

Nationalists harbour deep anger towards NATO over the 1999 bombing campaign that drove Serb forces out of Kosovo.

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