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Anti-corruption protest taken to Madrid's City Hall

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Anti-corruption protest taken to Madrid's City Hall


Hundreds of people have blockaded the streets around Madrid’s City Hall, as the new mayor was sworn in inside.

The participants said it was a rallying call for an end to corruption.

“We are against all politicians and City Hall for what it stands for,” said one, “they should be more in tune with the people and the community, instead of sitting in there on their thrones.”

“The same people are inside City Hall today as last year,” said another man outside, “they are corrupt.There are politicians in there who are being chased by the law, but they are still in there.”

Disenchanted with youth unemployment of around 45 percent, many see Spain’s political establishment as inept and corrupt.

Scuffles broke out when riot police tried to clear one of the exits from the building, to allow the official vehicles to leave.

May’s municipal elections resulted in a crushing defeat by the centre-right over the governing Socialists.

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