Italy will take Battisti case to The Hague

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Italy will take Battisti case to The Hague

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Italy has branded as “shameful” Brazil’s decision to free a former Italian left-wing guerrilla, convicted of murder in his homeland.

Rome says it will take the case of Cesare Battisti to the International Court of Justice.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, he said Italy had no other choice but to go to The Hague.

“We see this decision as not in line with reality. It has wounded our sense of justice and I believe it will have wounded those who suffered from those events,” he said.

However, Brazil has pointed out the International Court can only get involved in cases where both countries ask it to.

Brazil’s Supreme Court upheld a decision by former President Lula that Battisti should not be extradited.

The former guerrilla escaped an Italian jail in 1981 and spent many years in France where he became known as a writer.

He moved to Brazil when French authorities began to consider sending him back to Italy.