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E.coli source found say German authorities

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E.coli source found say German authorities


Health authorities in Germany now say locally-grown beansprouts are the most likely source of the lethal E.coli outbreak that has so far claimed 29 lives.

Tests have pinpointed plants from a farm in Lower Saxony. It has been shut down and its produce recalled.

The blame first fell on cucumbers from Spain and today’s news has not prevented them from being dumped on the streets.

The breakthrough came when scientists from three separate laboratories linked clusters of cases to specific outlets that had taken deliveries from the affected farm.

Germany’s Minister for Consumer Protection, Ilse Aigner, spoke of her relief at the discovery and says she hopes the outbreak is now under control.

But the outbreak is not yet over. Around three thousand people are being treated for E.coli infection. More than 700 have serious complications that can lead to kidney failure.

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