The army killed my father, says Syrian girl

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The army killed my father, says Syrian girl

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Refugees fleeing political unrest in Syria have been speaking of their trauma over recent events.

Hundreds of people have crossed the border into Turkey, where refugee camps are providing food and shelter.

Residents are fleeing a town where it is feared the army will seek revenge over the reported killing of about 120 security personnel.

“I want my father back,” said one child who crossed the border into Turkey. “The army killed him while he was helping others to cross the border. They killed him.”

More than 1500 Syrians have arrived in Turkey in the past 24 hours alone.

An injured man in hospital said: “We left the mosque to go and demonstrate, and then the police arrived and hit us with their cars.” He says none fought back.

The army blames what it calls armed gangs for the killing of the security forces in the town of Jisr al-Shughour.

But local residents speak of a mutiny among troops who were sent to stop anti-government demonstrations. They say those who died had refused to open fire on protesters.