Libyan rebels press allies for more cash

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Libyan rebels press allies for more cash

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Libyan rebels on Thursday asked NATO allies and Arab nations to stump up more cash if their efforts to oust Muammar Gaddafi are to be successful.

The request came at a meeting of the Libyan Contact Group in the United Arab Emirates.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was among the top diplomats attending alongside representatives from Britain, France and Italy.

Hafiz Ghoga, the deputy leader of the Libyan opposition, said they needed the funds “because our stability and exit from the current crisis are connected to our financial needs.”

Italy has pledged 400 million euros of cash and fuel aid backed by frozen Libyan assets.

Over the past three days, NATO has escalated its bombing campaign by striking targets in and around Tripoli.

The daylight raids are ongoing although questions have been raised as to whether the alliance is going beyond its Security Council-backed remit to protect civilians.

NATO plans to take a back seat once Gaddafi is removed, arguing the UN should supervise the transition of power.