Violence erupts in Syrian-Turkish border town

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Violence erupts in Syrian-Turkish border town

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Three days ago Jisr al-Shugour was just another Syrian town protesting against President Bashar al-Assad.

Today the town on the Turkish border has seen a dramatic upswing in violence with, says Syrian state television, armed groups attacking security forces.

120 soldiers and police have been killed, in an ambush on a police convoy, and an attack on the security forces headquarters. The Syrian opposition claims some of the deaths were in fact mutineers who had joined their ranks, shot by their former colleagues.

Syrian Interior Minister Ibrahim Shaar promised the state would respond to armed attacks on its citizens strongly and decisively.

Turkey has been a refuge for those fleeing from the unrest, and there was another report a group had crossed back into Syria during the day.

The violence comes just days after 100,000 people attended the funerals in Hama of 60 people killed while demonstrating last week.