Ceasefire agreed in Yemen after Saleh's departure

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Ceasefire agreed in Yemen after Saleh's departure

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Thousands of people in Yemen continue to celebrate the news of President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s temporary departure.

Many danced and waved flags in the capital of Sanaa, while other’s celebrated in the streets.

Saleh flew to Saudi Arabia to be treated for injuries he sustained in an attack at his home.

Yemen’s Hashed tribal federation has agreed to a truce after acting Vice president asked leader Sadeq al-Ahmar for a ceasefire to end deadily street fighting.

The attack happened at the presidential palace in Yemen’s capital of Sanaa.

Saleh was praying at the mosque at his home on Friday when it was hit by either rockets or a bomb.

He is reported to have travelled with members of his family.

It’s still unclear if Saleh’s departure marks the end of his 33 year rule but analysts believe it leaves him in a much weaker position.