Beansprouts could be cause of E.coli outbreak

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Beansprouts could be cause of E.coli outbreak

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German hospitals are struggling to deal with the overwhelming flow of E.coli patients.

The outbreak began three weeks ago in the northern port of Hamburg, so far it has killed 19 people.

The bug has the ability to stick to the intestinal walls where it pumps out toxins causing bloody diarrhoea and kidney problems. Some patients have needed intensive care, including dialysis.

There are general warnings not to eat raw vegetables, although some scientists doubt whether contaminated produce was the cause.

Scientists are investigating the origins of the E.coli.

Now the authorities believe it could be caused be beansprouts from Northern Germany and from abroad.

The outbreak has led to a global scare and could mean bad times for European farmers.

The US has started inspecting vegetable shipments from Germany and Spain, while Russia and Lebanon has banned produce from the whole of the EU.