Japanese voters unimpressed by political row

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Japanese voters unimpressed by political row

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Japanese PM Naoto Kan has offered to resign despite surviving a no-confidence vote on Thursday.

But voters say they are angry and surprised that politicians held the motion in a time of crisis.

Aside from the events at Fukushima, Japan is also beset by economic woes.

Growth has slowed and its debt is twice the size of its 3.5-trillion.euro economy.

The message from the the streets of Tokyo was clear: legislators should concentrate on these important matters.

“In this difficult time, I wonder why they submitted this no-confidence motion,” said Takashi Hamada, a 64-year-old retiree.

“I don’t think it’s the time for fighting, but we should instead focus our efforts on the disaster-affected areas.” said Munehisa Murakami, a 42-year-old local businessman.

The Fukushima crisis has left the government with a bill of nearly 140 billion euros.

It has also hit output amongst Japanese manufacturers, handing another blow to an economy struggling to exit recession.