Bosnian war legacy is endured by survivors

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Bosnian war legacy is endured by survivors

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More than a decade and a half on, the remains of those killed in Bosnia during its brutal war are still being recovered.

Locals from the town of Zvornik held a funeral for seven men and one woman whose bodies have just been found and identified.

Mevludin’s brother was just 22 when he died.

“I know that Mladic personally did not kill him but he was killed by his policy, by his regime, by his men. They took so many young lives.”

Ramiza’s mother is being buried today. She said:

“A parent is a parent and we all have to die. If only she had died by natural causes, but she was killed.”

In all, over 1,500 people were killed in the town.

Their families blame Ratko Mladic. He will shortly have the opportunity to answer his accusers.