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Serbian security targeting another top war fugitive

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Serbian security targeting another top war fugitive


Serbia’s President believes another war crimes fugitive, Goran Hadzic, will soon be arrested. The ethnic Serbian politician from Croatia has been internationally indicted for war crimes, and the President hopes it will not be long before Hadzic is captured.

Serbian President, Boris Tadic, was confident in the security forces:

“I was quite sure we would arrest Ratko Mladic, and following his arrest, I’m sure we will soon conclude the other big case, the case of Goran Hadzic. I am also sending a message to the people involved in organised crime that we have much better abilities to fight such crime.”

Meanwhile in the former Serbian stronghold of Pale in Bosnia-Herzegovina, thousands of students came out onto the streets in support of Ratko Mladic. The protestors waved the flag of the wartime breakaway Republika Srpska, of which Pale was the administrative centre. They are angry at what they see as the persecution of a Serbian hero.

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