Limited time to prevent Mladic extradition

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Limited time to prevent Mladic extradition

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Lawyers acting for Ratko Mladic have until Monday to appeal against his extradition. A court in Belgrade has ruled the Serbian former army chief is fit enough to face war crime charges at The Hague. However, his legal team and son are arguing he is too frail after spending 15 years on the run.

Mladic was arrested two days ago following a raid on a relative’s house. He had judicial proceedings in Serbia stopped on Thursday after he complained of ill health.

The ex-army general could face charges of genocide at the international criminal court. Mladic is accused of instigating ethnic cleansing during the three year Bosnian War. As well as the massacre at Srebenica, he is also blamed for the siege of Sarajevo, during which up to 10,000 civilians died.