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Questions about Mladic's arrest

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Questions about Mladic's arrest


In the wake of Mladic’s arrest, euronews met with Serge Brammertz, the chief prosecutor of the ICTY, and asked him some questions about what happens next.

euronews: “When will the trial formally begin?”

Serge Brammertz:

“It’s difficult for me to speculate when he will arrive in The Hague. It might be in four days or even 10 days, depending on appeals proceedings. And once he arrives in The Hague then of course the proceedings will start.”

euronews: “Are you concerned about the state of his health?”

Serge Brammertz:

“The health of an accused is always a primary area of concern. We have had problems and then difficult situations in the past. It will be up to the medical experts to determine his health situation.”

euronews: “Is the Mladic case going to be handled along with the Karadzic one, in one single trial?”

Serge Brammertz:

“It’s really too early to take a decision in this regard, and at the end of the day that is for the judges to decide based on our request. As you know the Karadzic trial is already relatively advanced. It’s for sure an hypothetical option, but we have not taken any decision at this regard so far.”

euronews: “Will you also investigate the protection network that sheltered Mladic?”

Serge Brammertz:

“It is now up to the authorities in Belgrade, and I have also members of my team who are still currently in Belgrade who will look into this issue and will try to determine if and who are those who have helped him escape for so long.”

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