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'This is Gonna Hurt' - art inspired by handicap

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'This is Gonna Hurt' - art inspired by handicap

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‘This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx’ is a collection of photographs inspired by the artists sister who was born profoundly handicapped and died young.

Sixx explained: “I’m sitting writing this book and looking at my photography. I’m in this studio – Funny Farm Studios – which is my home and I’m looking at all the artwork and all the props and I realise how much of my life has been sort of trying to connect to some version of what I thought she was. You know, she was wheelchair-bound and I have all this photography of wheelchairs; she had medical issues, I have all this collection of 1800s medical supplies. It goes on and on and on and it sounds macabre, but it was actually kind of this subconscious way of trying to connect to her and maybe resurrecting that through some of my photography.”

There is a music album, also called ‘This is Gonna Hurt’, which is a companion to the book.

Nikki Sixx spoke about the effect one track had on a listener: “The last song on the record is a song called ‘Skin’. And this lady was waiting for her child to come out of school and the record went to track 11, ‘Skin’ started and she saw this little girl come out of this school with an obvious deformity and she was just beaming and radiant and smiling. And the lyrics were playing – “You’re not your skin and all they can see is scars” – and she started crying and she picked up her child and went home and she posted it on my Facebook, this story, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful.”

Both the book and the album are in shops now.

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