Serbians divided over Mladic arrest

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Serbians divided over Mladic arrest

Serbians divided over Mladic arrest
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Many Serbian nationalists idolise Ratko Mladic for the role he played during the Bosnian war and for what he symbolised.

In Belgrade, the question of whether he should have been tried there or even arrested divides opinion.

“I disagree with this, all others are protecting theirs, and we are giving ours on a plate. I’m very disappointed,” said one resident.

“I could only hear stories about him and people only have nice things to say, so I think his arrest shouldn’t have happened,” was another man’s opinion.

“I have no comment, what can I say? Whomever is guilty should be arrested,” said a woman.

In the former Bosnian Serb wartime stronghold of Pale, some people made their feelings even clearer, describing the arrest of Mladic as shameful.

Pale was the capital of the Republika Srpska and also served as a centre of activity for Serb forces during the siege of Sarajevo.

“Once by one, we see them leaving and Mr Tadic is even applauding that. He should be ashamed of that,” said one man.

“I feel sorry for Mladic, he was a real Serb. He remained a Serb and will be a Serb forever,” said another.

President Tadic said Mladic’s arrest opened the way for reconciliation, but here it seems such an outcome is a long way off.