A flying car and a building that knits

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A flying car and a building that knits

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An Israeli company is working on a design for a flying car. They hope it will have the maneuverability of a helicopter but without the large propellers and tail rotor. It would be used in urban areas, to move between skyscrapers for example. The aim is to make the vehicle very stable so it could fly right up to the side of a building.

Rafi Yoeli, the president and CEO of Urban Aeronautics explained: “With this internal rotor vehicle we have a flight envelope in terms of endurance, in terms of wind capability and in terms of speed that matches a normal helicopter while the rotors are inside and this is where the big step is.”

The design is still at the prototype stage, but developers hope that eventually, the flying car could be used to help people stranded in tall buildings, for example.


In London an automated knitting machine has been unveiled that is powered by the wind, which effectively means a building is knitting its own woolly scarf.

Designer Merel Karhof said: “The idea is this windmill is on top of the rooftop and it knits a long scarf along the building, towards the inside of the building.”

At the moment, it takes several hours to finish a scarf. But the designer hopes that one day, thousands of metres of woolly scarves could be produced in large wind farms.

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