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Death toll rises after US tornadoes

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Death toll rises after US tornadoes


At least 123 people are dead in the tornado-struck US city of Joplin, with some 750 injured. Joplin, in the midwestern state of Missouri, was devastated by the storm on Sunday as wind speeds topped 300 kilometres per hour.

Don Kendrick, whose home was among 2,000 buildings destroyed said: “I was standing. That’s my apartment (right there) on the left side where you see the TV boxes. Exactly where that box is, to the right of it was my closet that I was in on the third floor. Everything came down on top of me. And I stood up and looked out and saw all of this devastation.”

Joanie Barnes, going through the wreckage of her home, said: “We’re just trying to salvage what we can and make the best of it. Neighbours are helping out neighbours and we’ve got a little bit of sunshine today, so everybody is trying to get what they can get before the tornadoes are supposed to hit again tonight.”

Tornadoes have left a path of destruction across the US midwest. In Goldsby, Oklahoma another five people have been killed by twisters. Winds of almost 250 kilometres per hour were recorded at a weather station in El Reno, west of Oklahoma City.

The storms are moving southwards over the US. High speed winds and hailstorms hit Dallas, Texas early on Wednesday morning.

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