Tornado-shattered Missouri picks up, fears more

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Tornado-shattered Missouri picks up, fears more

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President Obama says he will visit the tornado destruction zone in Missouri this Sunday, the day after he gets back from his Europe tour. His message from London for the people in the US Midwest was that the federal government stands by them.

The death toll from last Sunday night’s tornado is 116, though it is feared that will climb, with hundreds injured and others still missing.

The town of Joplin, Missouri, was shattered. One resident said: “It was bringing the debris with it; we just got all in the house, got in the shower, stayed there, rode it out.”

Another said: “This is my boyfriend’s trailer. He was in it when it happened. He survived [although] something hit him in the back — he’s got a broken back. He came out and there [were] electrical [cables] all around. He came to the ground and passed out, but he’s alive and he made it.”

Storms across the South last month killed more than 300 people. The bill for damage has topped $2 billion.

The skies were dark on Monday. Rain and lightning slowed the rescue and recovery efforts.

Obama has urged Americans in storm zones to heed any safety warnings. The weather forecast is not good.