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Flights are cancelled as ash cloud reaches UK

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Flights are cancelled as ash cloud reaches UK


Air travel is once again being disrupted from the latest Icelandic volcano to erupt. Some flights to and from Britain have been cancelled as the ash cloud from Grimsvotn drifts towards the UK.

The speed of the plume has been accelerated by gale force winds in the region and its projected direction has it reaching southern England by six o’clock in the evening local time.

“The advice as always is to contact your airlines,” said Gordon Robertson, Head of Communications at Edinburgh Airport. “ Ultimately they will decide what’s flying and what’s not. We will do our best to make sure people are aware. So they should contact our Twitter, they should look at the media, and access our website for the latest updates.”

Flights from Scotland to London have been cancelled until at least midday but Edinburgh airport is remaining open for other destinations.

Good news for those waiting in Reykjavik – the airport there should be re-opening soon. The ash cloud appears to have passed relatively quickly.

But it is Iceland’s local community which is feeling the biggest impact. The heavy fall of thick ash has killed vulnerable animals, severely restricting the visibility of farmers trying to rescue their livestock.

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